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“You need to stop whatever it is you’re currently doing and book this freaking band. I can only hope they will continue to be regulars at our festival.”

— Dominic Cerquetti, 

Executive Director/Music Producer, 


“The Super Soul Bros are the best band in video game music. It’s literally impossible for someone to not enjoy their performance”


— Danimal Cannon, Armcannon

“The Super Soul Bros are the jazziest, flyest, and most dynamic band in VGM today. Their improvisational skill mixed with their instrumentation always make them a ‘must see’ at any event.”


— Megaran AKA Random

“The music these guys do is so great…definitely worthwhile going to.”


— David Wiegand, Assistant 

Managing Editor of the 

San Francisco Chronicle

“The no f***in’ joke.”

— Jerry Holkins (Tycho), Penny Arcade

“A group of young lions tearing it up with a twist … video game music fused with funk and jazz. I was impressed. They have found a niche that should serve them well. The Super Soul Bros are definitely worth checking out for any and all music lovers.”


— Ron E. Beck, Tower of Power

“I’ve seen a lot of bands come and go over the years, but the Super Soul Bros. are the most amazing group of musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing... Don’t miss a chance to see this band - they transcend the ‘niche’ of playing music from video games and bring it into true musical art.”


— Mustin, co-founder of The OneUps

“In the five years that I have followed the VGM cover scene, I have not crossed paths with a more enjoyable show than the Super Soul Bros’.  They are a cut above...Their musicianship is beyond impressive, and their energy is beyond infectious.”


— Sam, Super Guitar Bros.

Their fun sound and concept tends to capture an audience that transcends both genre and generation. They reel in the 20-something crowd that grew up playing Genesis and Super Nintendo, but they also grab baby boomers who can respect their sound and musicianship.

—Metro Silicon Valley


  • MAGFest

  • Silicon Valley Comic-Con

  • TwitchCon

  • Camp Fangamer

  • Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

  • Fangamer VS Attract Mode Art Gallery (PAX Prime)

  • 8bitSF

  • Animation On Display

  • GX3 / GaymerX3

  • Game Over: San Jose

  • MAGQuest 2015




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